How To Become Rich – Tips From A Self-Made Millionaire

Are you wondering How To Become Rich? Grant Cardone – a self-made millionaire and one of the best sales trainers in the world – has shared his 5 tips on how to become rich.

These are great tips, because Cardone is willing to challenge the conventional wisdom and give advice that goes beyond “save money.”

How to become rich

  • Invest in improving yourself, whether it’s sales training like Cardone did when he was 25, or learning other important skills. Cardone says that’s the best investment anyone can make.

  • Cardone says you should get involved in an industry or company with growth potential. According to Cardone, it’s important to seek more than just a job, but also consider the growth potential. Even starting small in the right company can lead to big things over time.

  • Becoming obsessed with your profession is a path to becoming great, and Cardone says becoming great at whatever you do is a path to wealth.

  • Look for ways to connect different income flows together. If you have a skill in one area, consider ways you can make money from that skill in different ways. Cardone says “symbiotic flows” are important – adding income to the job you already have.

  • Finally, Cardone says once you have saved $100,000 start investing the rest. According to Cardone, being able to save that much money is essential to proving to yourself that you can make and keep money. Cardone recommends people invest in multi-family real estate, especially if they are on the less risky side of things. Cardone also notes that he “never looked to get rich quick, but I did look to get rich.”

As a self-made millionaire, Grant Cardone has tremendous credibility when it comes to how to become rich.

While each of us are at different places, and it’s not always so simple as just finding the right job (especially considering the flaws in our economic system), Cardone’s tips add something very valuable to the advice on achieving financial freedom – particularly his focus on earning before saving.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say how important it is to “save” to build wealth. While Cardone includes saving in his tips, he puts it at the end, after the importance of earning.

Many people are not in a position to save, and instead need more money. By emphasizing that important ordering, Cardone’s advice is more practical than much of the “get rich” ideas out there.

Also, his emphasis on “getting rich” but not focusing on “get rich quick” schemes is a valuable contrast to the various sketchy ideas out there.

What do you think of these ideas on how to become rich? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Spencer Fernando

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