Beware The Suppression Of “Fake News”

As I’ve written previously, the new hysteria about “fake news” is really about shutting down alternative viewpoints.

As the establishment loses over the flow of information, they are lashing out against anyone who would question the “party line.”

What’s so ironic is that the real “fake news” has been pushed for years by politicians and governments – covering up corruption, incompetence, and how rigged the system really is.

The establishment media readily repeated all the government lies, trying above all to maintain the status quo rather than giving voice to alternative viewpoints or contrarian perspectives.

Then, as social media continues to give smaller publications and individuals the chance to get their message out, all of a sudden the establishment is worried about “fake news?”

What a strange coincidence.

We must beware the suppression of “fake news.” It’s true aim is the suppression of free thinking and diversity of thought.

That’s something we must never let happen.

Spencer Fernando