Despite Massive Budget Deficits, Canada’s Veterans Affairs Department Still Understaffed

How is it possible for a government to run a massive $34 billion budget deficit, promise to help veterans, and then understaff the Veterans Affairs Department?

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening.

A reported in the Globe & Mail, “The number of workers is historically low – and threatens to fall further due to attrition – even as many veterans of Afghanistan try to navigate the federal system while suffering from operational stress injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder.”

This is part of an ongoing, and disturbing pattern. Not just the current government, but the past government too, systematically underfunded our military and our support for Canadian veterans.

The numbers speak for themselves:


  • 4,500 Veterans Affairs workers in 2010
  • 2,873 Veterans Affairs Workers in 2015

Liberals – promised 400 new workers

  • 75 hired

It’s a disgrace.

Is the government really going to claim that with $30 billion in new spending they somehow couldn’t hire 400 people?

And the previous government that talked a big game on the military? Cutting veterans support is the most anti-military thing you can do. If you support the military, you have to support those who served – no exceptions.

When it comes to the new government, why only promise 400 new workers when over 1,500 workers have been cut?

There is only one possible explanation for this: The government, like the one before them, simply doesn’t take it seriously enough.

Oh, they’ll say all the right things about how much they respect those who serve, but those words are empty if not backed up with action.

And in this case, action means money. If it takes more money, then spend more money because our veterans deserve the best.

If we can bring in 25,000 refugees in a year, we can hire thousands of more workers to take care of our vets, and make sure they never have to wait for service.

Canada’s Veterans are being treated as an afterthought

It is sickening to consider that somebody would serve our country, suffer a severe physical or mental injury, and then be told there isn’t the money there to help them – even as our government shovels billions out the door.

We give away billions in foreign aid every year, yet we underfund our veterans. It’s despicable.

Our “leaders” should be ashamed of themselves.

We owe a sacred debt to our veterans, and it is nothing less than a betrayal to leave veterans to fend for themselves when they seek help.

It’s time to stand up for our veterans and give them the help they need. And it’s time to do it now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter