Watch: Beppe Grillo Speech On The Monetary System

Beppe Grillo started out as a comedian and actor. But as we know, comedians often speak the deeper truths of our society in a way that politicians never can.

That’s exactly what Beppe Grillo has done – and he has been so successful challenging the system, that he has now built a movement that stands close to taking power in Italy.

Grillo doesn’t talk the way politicians do, and he’s not afraid to confront the root of our system – a system enriching a few elite insiders at the expense of everyone else.

Watch this Beppe Grillo Speech (or performance) as he speaks truth to power:

Whether you agree with everything Grillo says – and he has his share of controversial statements – it is essential that we have people who directly question the core assumptions of our system.

The establishment media, the politicians, and most businesses, have a clear stake in keeping things the way they are. That means they will seek to suppress needed changes, and lock those with differing ideas from the halls of power.

Grillo, and those willing to fearlessly challenge the status quo, give us the opportunity to bring true change to the broken systems that are pushing our world further and further towards the abyss.

Regardless of the what the establishment tells you, always keep your mind open.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter