It’s Good To Distrust The Government

The Government Is Not The Same Thing As The Nation

I believe the default posture we take towards our government should be distrust.

That’s not because of any one person, or even any one party.

It’s because the system itself has become so massive that it has lost touch with it’s original purpose.

Today, the government has become so powerful that those at the top of the structure exercise immense, and nearly unaccountable power over our lives.

Remember, the government was, and is supposed to be our servant.

How far we are from that idea.

Now, the people are seen as servants of the government, and those in power like it that way.

We get taxed more and more, but we get less and less back.

We are working harder than ever, yet more and more of our money is taken and funnelled into fewer and fewer hands.

The government has become a culture and a lifestyle unto itself. It is disconnected from the lives of everyday people.

And yet, without the tax dollars that come from everyday people, the government would not even exist.

Distrust of the powerful state is justified

We are justified in feeling distrust towards the government. When any system is simultaneously so powerful and so disconnected from our everyday lives, we must be suspicious towards it.

We must challenge it, we must question it, and we must hold it accountable.

A fiercely independent people will not be controlled. And a people who will not be controlled can push back against the overbearing state.

As our world becomes more decentralized, government is holding on for dear life, desperately trying to amass more power.

If we keep a healthy distrust of government, we can turn back the tide and make the upcoming era a time of true freedom, independence, and justice for every citizen.

Spencer Fernando