Trudeau May Face Ethics Investigation Into Trip To Billionaire’s Island

Real Change might be come become a Real Investigation

Despite the PMO’s best attempt to hide it, Justin Trudeau’s Bahamas vacation at the island of the Billionaire Aga Khan ended up being public.

Understandably, Canadians aren’t pleased.

Now, the ethics commissioner may get involved.

The government has given the Aga Khan’s foundation millions in taxpayer money – including $55 announced in 2015.

That complicates Trudeau’s recent partytime at the Aga Khan’s private island. Mostly because of ethics legislation.

According to the rules, MP’s are not allowed to accept “directly or indirectly, any gift or other benefit … that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence the [MP] in the exercise of a duty or function of his or her office.”

A trip to a private island could certainly be seen as a accepting a bribe – or at the very least something that would influence somebody.

Cash-For-Access with Chinese Billionaires a bigger concern.

This isn’t the first time Trudeau has gotten in trouble for hanging out with billionaires

His cash-for-access fundraisers with Chinese billionaires – including bankers who later got their requests to open banks in Canada approved – are a far bigger concern than the Aga Khan visit.

The Aga Khan doesn’t seek to negatively influence Canada, whereas the agenda of those connected to the Chinese government are much more suspect.

By giving access to foreign billionaires that most Canadians don’t even get, Trudeau grows more disconnected from the people of this country.

His ethical lapses show he is more comfortable around the super-powerful, probably because that’s who he’s hung out with his entire privileged life.

We’ll see if the ethics commissioner does anything. But either way, the Canadian people are starting to realize that Mr. Real Change is a just a willing tool of the globalist elite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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James R Charlton

This person is a terrible excuse for the leader of our country. Born of privilege and class, has never had to work pretends to understand the people of this country, but has no clue. He is a disgrace to Canada and needs to be replaced by someone who understands the needs, wants and political will and understanding of the citizens who live here. We are NOT a nation state, but a country of strong values & ideals that this puff seems not to have a clue about. He does not speak for me as he cannot speak for himself with… Read more »


Trudeau thinks he is a Demi god and above it all: he needs to be taken down a peg or two by his bosses……the Canadian people.


I made a big mistake voting for him


I hope we don’t have to wait until 2019 to work on getting back our Canada.