Trudeau’s Canada-China “Free” Trade Push Would Devastate Our Economy

Canada’s Federal Cabinet Shuffle Tilts Us More Towards China

The federal cabinet shuffle is said to be a response to the changing trade and international relations landscape.

Specifically, how to deal with the potential policies of incoming US President Donald Trump.

But another interesting nugget was discussed in some reports, something we should be deeply concerned with.

Trudeau replaces China trade doubter Dion with China trade booster Freeland

Trudeau has replaced Stephane Dion with Chrystia Freeland in the foreign minister post.

Dion reportedly had doubts about trade with China, whereas Freeland is a big supporter of signing a free-trade deal with China.

Trudeau also appointed former immigration minister John McCallum as ambassador to China. McCallum is a high-profile candidate to put in that post – signalling Trudeau is trying to deepen Canada’s ties with China.

This is all very disturbing.

It shows that Trudeau’s cash-for-access meetings with Chinese billionaires were not just examples of poor political judgement.

Trudeau is clearly preparing to link us closer to China, and is setting us up to sign a free trade deal with China.

That would be an absolute disaster for our economy.

China doesn’t play by the rules

China manipulates their currency to keep their exports cheaper. They subsidize their industries at a massive level. They steal intellectual property constantly. They treat many of their workers like slaves, depriving them of any rights to fair treatment and fair pay.

In short, China has designed their economy specifically to flood other countries with cheap products while ignoring the well-being of their own citizens.

That can seem nice at first, but there is a huge price to pay when the middle class starts collapsing.

We’re already paying that price right now.

Since the early 1980’s, Canadian workers have continued to increase our productivity. However, almost all the income gains have been concentrated in the hands of very few.

Doubling down on the same failed approach doesn’t make any sense. Unless you’re part of the elite.

So Much For Helping Canada’s Middle Class

Our economy works well for politicians, bankers, and corporate CEOs, but not so well for the rest of us.

But for Trudeau, the system seems just fine, since it worked out great for him.

Now, he’s preparing to sell us out to China with a “free” trade deal that will finish off what’s left of our middle class.

At the same time as the sell-out picks up steam, our military is being underfunded, and our own national economy is more and more dependent on foreign powers.

We aren’t building up strength at home, instead, Trudeau is doubling down on hoping that the dangerous world will somehow turn out alright, and that we can somehow benefit from letting China walk all over us – a naive approach that puts the economic well-being of every Canadian at risk.

Spencer Fernando

*I urge you to watch the following documentary when you have the chance. It’s called Death By China, by the highly respected Peter Navarro. It shows how China has devastated much of the American economy (it’s done the same to much of Canada), and broken the rules in the process. As our naive leaders pursue destructive trade with China, the video is worth watching.