Canada’s Economy Needs A New Mindset, Not A New Cabinet

The recent cabinet shuffle in Canada’s government is being described by many as a move to prepare Canada for the incoming Trump administration. Certain new policies, specifically trade policies that could damage Canada’s economy.

Here’s the problem: Canada’s government doesn’t have a cabinet problem, it has a mindset problem.

Our government is still hoping to be able to influence the United States to keep friendly trade terms. The hope is that Chrystia Freeland will be a better negotiator than Stephane Dion. That’s probably true.

But that approach – just hoping America listens to us – is still giving away our sense of power as a nation. We are relying on hope in a country we don’t control, and that is a massive risk.

We have to build our country at home

As wealth becomes concentrated in the hands of the well-connected and our middle class struggles, our domestic economy is getting weaker. We continue to become more and more dependent on trade with other nations, instead of strengthening interprovincial trade, building more in our country, and increasing domestic demand.

And yet, when is the last time you heard a politician – of any party – really talk about building up our domestic economy?

  • Who talks about building up our military and defences?
  • Who talks about ensuring economic growth benefits all Canadians, not just multinational corporations and international banks?
  • Who talks about increasing manufacturing and production of real goods within our nation?

And even if someone mentions it once in a while, who ever delivers on it?

The problem is the prevailing government mindset keeps Canada weak and vulnerable.

Trudeau and the government seems more focused on winning applause at elitist dinners in foreign capitals than actually helping Canadian workers.

The government is willing to try anything – except empower our businesses and workers to compete on a level playing field.

Now, those in power are seeking to pivot towards China, an undemocratic nation that breaks all the rules of trade to enrich their nation at the expense of others. Free trade with China would let them flood us with even more cheap goods, destroying countless jobs in the process.

That’s not the path to prosperity for Canada.

Canada must build wealth and opportunity within our country.

While we should work with other countries, we shouldn’t be totally dependent on them.

It’s time for a mindset change. We have to focus on our own country, building up our own strength and our own potential. With all our resources, technology, and hard-working people, Canada can be – and should be – much richer and more powerful than we are.

A shift to a new mindset will do more for our country than empty slogans and naive hope.

Spencer Fernando

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