Globalists Fear Free-Thinking

The globalist structure wants control. Control of our economy. Control of our politics. Control of our thinking.

They have succeeded to a remarkable degree. Our “leaders” are more out of touch than ever. Our economy works only for a select few.

Our political debates are constrained by “political correctness,” stifling the free expression of thought and suppressing common sense.

There’s a clear reason for this: Globalists fear free-thinking.

When people think for themselves they inevitably question the power structures around them. Flaws in those structures are exposed. Failing institutions are brought down.

Free-thinking people are impossible to control.

But control is what the Globalists most desire. Rather than leave people to be free and make their own decisions, globalists want to fit us all into their “systems” and their ideas for perfect utopian plans.

Never mind the fact that all utopian plans fail due to their ignorance of understand human nature, the globalists don’t let that stop them.

At this very moment globalist desperation is growing, as the free exchange of ideas on the internet is depriving them of their coveted control over the flow of information.

That’s why they’re spreading the “fake news” hysteria, trying to label dissent as illegitimate.

We must fight all efforts to stifle the expression of opinion. We must stop those in government from reducing our freedom to make our own choices and set our own path in life. That means protecting our economic and personal freedom, and never giving in to politicians who promise us a “perfect system.”

The globalists can only succeed if we give up our minds and allow others to think for us. We must not let that happen.

Free-thinking is the first step towards remaining free.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter