The Elitist Assault On Free Speech Continues

As I’ve been saying, the attack on “fake news” is a desperate last-ditch effort by the elitist establishment media.

They see their power and control slipping away, so they’ve come up with a new label for dissenting opinions.

That’s why it’s no surprise to see the recent editorial in the Financial Times – a favorite of international banks – are calling for restrictions on free speech.

Responding to the fact that Germany is planning fines on media that post “fake news,” the Financial Times wrote, “This may seem an undue restriction to freedom of speech but in the context of a propaganda war designed to undermine western democracy, it may be necessary to do more than enforce existing laws on libel and incitement.”

This is supreme irony. First, for a newspaper to call for restrictions on free speech is incredibly foolish. Second, one of the underpinnings of western democracy is free speech. To restrict free speech to somehow protect democracy is flat-out dumb.

Restricting free speech won’t do anything but empower those who want to destroy freedom.

The competition of ideas is how societies improve and learn and grow. Without that freedom, societies become stagnant, rigid, and unable to adapt to a changing world.

Assault on Free Speech is about fear

The elites are stuck in a fear-based mindset, afraid of the growing power of individuals and independent groups to share their views.

Whenever we hear an attack on “fake news,” or some politician proposing a “solution” to the problem, let’s remember that an attack free speech is the beginning of authoritarianism – whatever politically correct justification may be behind it.

Free speech protects free thinking. And free thinking protects freedom.

We must never give that up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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