It’s Time For Canada To Dream Big

We live in a time of crisis and change, but Canada has tremendous potential

Old systems are breaking down, established authority is weaker than ever.

The world needs new ways of governing and thinking, but our leaders hold on more tightly than ever to centralization and power-grabbing.

Instead of setting their sights high, our leaders are instead diminishing our expectations, looking to manage our decline rather than seeing the possibilities the future holds.

Where we need more freedom, and more control over our money, our politicians want increased taxes, and more government power.

They offer the solutions of the past for the problems of the present and future.

That won’t be enough to overcome the challenges of economic struggle, war, and terrorism that Canada and all nations face in the coming years.

It is my belief that to overcome these challenges, Canada must set our sights higher. We must be willing to dream big, and be ambitious.

It is no longer enough for us to see ourselves as a so-called “middle power.”

That attitude leads us to subservience. It pushes us to give in to other countries, and give away our power and autonomy.

The dangerous push for free trade with China, overdependence on the United States, giving in to the globalist agenda – these are all signs of a leadership that has given up, and a political class that no longer looks to the future with optimism.

To survive and prosper in a dangerous world, Canada must seek to become a leading world power

Canada has tremendous potential. We are hardworking, we are intelligent people, we have a high level of technology, and we are blessed with abundant natural resources.

To become a full-fledged world power we will have to embrace our resources and our strengths, rather than hiding or being ashamed of them.

Our respect for individual rights makes us a beacon to the world. But it also requires us to speak out against nations that violate the rights of their people, and to speak up against violent ideologies that would spread hate, violence and terror to try and undermine the very basis of our country.

Becoming a true world power will require us to speak clearly about the difference between oppression and freedom, never being afraid to be proud of our accomplishments as a country.

Instead of attacking the oil sands, we need to embrace them for the tremendous wealth generating potential they hold, and realize that the alternative is buying oil from the brutal Saudi regime.

We need to stand up for Canadian workers, instead of selling out to foreign countries.

Instead of watching our military weaken, we must build it up, strengthening our defences and making it clear that we will not leave our beautiful country vulnerable in the world.

And it will require that we move beyond the centralized government model of over-taxation and concentration of power. We must empower individuals and local communities like never before – which can usher in an era of growth and innovation that is being held back from us today.

As Canadians, we should aim to become the wealthiest and most secure nation on Earth

This will require a wholesale change in thinking.

We have to see ourselves and our country as worthy of being a world power, working for peace but always being willing to protect ourselves, stand up for our interests, and put the wellbeing of the Canadian people above all else.

And it will require us to dream big, to move beyond false modesty and dream of amazing things for our country. We shouldn’t set our sights low or just hope to “get by” in the future. We should believe in a future of immense prosperity and opportunity for all of our people.

Canada deserves the best for our future. By believing in, and standing up for our true potential as a nation, we can make our dreams for our country come true.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter