Is Justin Trudeau Selling Canada Out To China?

Trudeau could let China access Canadian military secrets and hacking defences

Justin Trudeau seems to love anything that has to do with China. During his campaign, he said he “admired China’s basic dictatorship,” showing his profound disregard for human rights, democracy, and individual freedom.

As time goes on, it’s clear that his comments weren’t a campaign gaffe. They represented his real thoughts.

His push for a free trade deal with China would absolutely devastate our middle class, but it would benefit the billionaires from China who have been lobbying Trudeau.

Now, Trudeau is looking to let a Chinese company take over a firm that has deep connections with our national defence and national security.

Under the previous government, Hong Kong based O-Net Communications tried to initiate a takeover of ITF Technologies based in Montreal.

However, ITF Technologies had worked with Canada’s national security apparatus on a research project, and sold equipment to Canada’s National Defence Department.

At the time, the government stopped the deal, considering it “injurious to national security.”

Blocking the deal was a common sense move. One little-known issue with investment from China is that it is one-sided. Whereas Canada lets someone from China or any other country fully invest in and even take ownership of a Canadian business, if someone from Canada – or any other country – wants to invest in a Chinese business, they have to do so alongside a Chinese investor.

This means China always ensures a citizen retains control of their companies.

I don’t blame China for that. It’s actually a good policy – allowing some foreign investment while still keeping a citizen in control.

But we also have to remember that China is not a democratic nation, and they do not play by the same rules we do.

Any company based in China is subject to state control and direct intervention. China steals intellectual property and hacks foreign governments – even stealing the F-35 plans from the Pentagon.

So why the hell would we let China get their hands on a Canadian company that knows our cyber-security and potential military secrets?

It’s even worse. Take a guess what ITF Technologies focused on specifically?

Making messages more resistant to hacking.

Their full list of partners includes Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, the National Research Council, and as mentioned above the National Defence Department.

Considering China’s big history of hacking – particularly hacking military secrets, letting China take over a company like ITF Technologies is a huge danger to Canada, and even the world.

But that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is planning.

His government has announced that it is re-opening the process for ITF Technologies to be taken over by O-Net Communications, meaning Canadian secrets and hacking defences could soon fall into the hands of China.

If this isn’t selling out our country, I don’t know what is.

We should be very concerned about this.

It fits with Trudeau’s pattern of selling Canada out to China every chance he gets. His push for Canada-China “free” trade, his lifting of the investor cap to $1 billion – allowing China to take over even more Canadian businesses, and his cash-for-access meetings with Chinese billionaires are all a sign that Trudeau’s admiration for China has turned into subservience.

Trudeau is starting to seem more like a servant of China than a servant of the Canadian people, and this is deeply disturbing.

Canada has a population of about 35 million, while China has 1.4 billion. We have an immense amount of land, technology, and resources, but all of that is vulnerable if we don’t stand as a unified country, and if we don’t have leaders who put our interests above all else.

If Trudeau continues on the path of bowing down to China, we could lose our country silently, piece by piece, until there is not much left.

I don’t think this is what Canadians were expecting when we heard “Real Change.”

Canada deserves better. Canada deserves defending and protecting. And Canada deserves a leader who puts our country and our citizens first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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J. Jamieson

Trudeau clearly is acting more like a lap dog for China’s interests than a a protector of Canadian intellectual property and assets. Who are Trudeau’s enablers and advisors in the Liberal party and government? They will have hell to pay for these decisions, from the electorate.

Diane Duncan

Do Canadians really know what Trudeau is doing? Or is this story a “maybe”……. I can’t see any intelligent Prime Minister allowing anything in this story to be true!!!!! What’s going on with politician watchers????