“Phase Out The Oil Sands” Says Trudeau

Every day provides more evidence that Trudeau doesn’t care about Canadian workers

The worst fears of many Canadians have been confirmed, as PM Justin Trudeau admitted to wanting to shut down the oil sands – a move which would devastate our economy and throw tens – if not hundreds of thousands – of people out of work.

At a town hall meeting, Justin Trudeau lamented not being able to “shut down the oilsands tomorrow,” saying instead they had to be “phased out.”

Considering how essential the oil sands are to Canada’s economy, Trudeau’s comments are being met with widespread outrage – particularly in Alberta.

Trudeau’s oilsands remarks will only add to the growing perception that he is totally out of touch with the lives of everyday Canadians.

Consider this:

  • Trudeau wants the oilsands shut down

  • He wants to crush our pocketbooks with a carbon tax

  • He’s pushing free-trade with China – which would end what’s left of manufacturing and our middle class

  • He parties with his billionaire buddies on private islands

  • He trades cash for access with billionaires from China

Does that sound like someone who is looking out for the best interests of Canadians?

Rather than phasing out the oil sands, it looks like Trudeau is the one who needs to be phased out.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter