Canadians Need Money, Not Hugs

Justin Trudeau is taking a lot of heat on his so-called “listening tour.”

From a grandmother living in energy poverty, to veterans asking Trudeau to live up to his promises, the gap between “real change” and reality is growing everyday.

In response, Trudeau is offering hugs.

That’s nice I suppose, but that’s not going to fix anything.

It’s actually quite simple. Canadians need money, not hugs.

Think of all the problems Canada faces. They can all be traced back to money.

  • Canadians are over-taxed and the carbon tax will make it even worse.
  • Veterans aren’t receiving the financial support they’ve earned.
  • Regulations and taxes are strangling our energy industry.
  • Free trade with China will crush our middle class and devastate what’s left of Canadian manufacturing.
  • Centralized government sucks too much money out of the economy.

Hugs won’t fix any of those problems. The solution is to let us keep more of our own money. Stop the carbon tax. Lower taxes. Decentralize government. Stop trade deals that screw Canadian workers. Providing our veterans with the support they need.

That’s what we need to do. Not give our hugs, not pretend to be “listening.” Just let people keep more of their own money and provide the support people need.

It’s time for action, not more talk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter