It’s Either Canadian Oil Or Saudi Oil: Take Your Pick Canada

In the aftermath of Justin Trudeau’s dumb comments on shutting down the oil sands, I ran a poll on Twitter.

I asked my followers where they think Canada should get our oil.

Here are the results:

Thankfully, common sense prevailed. But far too many of Canada’s politicians and elites lack common sense. They want to shut down our oil industry and devastate our economy – all in the name of a misguided and naive utopian dream.

Here’s the problem with that – aside from all the jobs it would destroy:

If we don’t get our oil from the Canadian oil sands, we have to get it from Saudi Arabia

There is no way around this. Saudi Arabia is the other big producer that could fill the gap quickly. Parts of Canada already import oil from Saudi Arabia – a testament to the overwhelming stupidity of many of our leaders.

If we have less Canadian oil, it means more Saudi oil. It’s that simple.

Why the hell would we give more money to Saudi Arabia when we can buy oil from our fellow Canadians?

It’s incredibly stupid.

Saudi Arabia is led by a horrible regime. They fund extremist interpretations of Islam around the world. They deprive women of all rights. They execute LGBTQ people. They don’t let Christians or anybody else worship freely, and even selling a bible can get you killed or jailed.

In short, Saudi Arabia stands against everything Canadians believe. They are an enemy and a competitor, no matter what our misguided and foolish leaders would have us believe.

If anything, we should ban all oil imports from Saudi Arabia, not buy more oil from them.

It’s really simple: We either have more Canadian oil, or we have more Saudi oil. So what should it be?

If we truly believe in putting Canadians first and standing up for our values, the answer is clear: We must support our Canadian oil industry.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The Provinces and politicians that persist on buying blood oil clearly support and approve of Islamic terrorism.