What The Elites Don’t Get About The Carbon Tax

In any country, particularly a country with as wide a range of geographic regions and professions as Canada, the impact of any policy will be very different depending on who we’re talking about.

Nowhere do we see that more than with a carbon tax.

The political elites – generally wealthy people who earn their money from taxpayer dollars or government-connected businesses – can count on a steady stream of income.

They usually work in offices, moving words and information around the digital realm.

They dominate the political world, and carbon taxes don’t hurt them at all. In fact, they benefit from it, because the carbon tax puts more money in their pockets.

But, the carbon tax hits other people big time

Particularly effected are farmers, those in manufacturing, resource extraction, and Canadian workers fighting to make ends meet.

Farmers generally don’t have a choice when it comes to buying trucks and more heavy-duty vehicles. A tiny golf-cart style smart car or little electric vehicle won’t do much when toughness, durability, and power is required.

Since trucks and heavy-duty vehicles tend to use more energy, farmers will get hit even much harder by a carbon tax than the political elites.

The same goes for manufacturing – much more carbon-intensive than sitting in an office typing on a computer (yes I also type on a computer for a living, so I’m not exempting myself here).

And resource extraction – which provides the lifeblood of our economy – is by its very nature carbon intensive. Sadly, the foolish elitist politicians forget that their warm offices only survive because of those who get the resources out of the ground.

As much as the elites want us all to live in a magical world where we don’t have to actually build anything, the fact is we don’t have an economy unless we are manufacturing physical products.

A carbon tax hurts manufacturing, and will kill jobs and make everything more expensive.

Canadian Workers get screwed

And that leads to the final point. More and more people are struggling to get by in our economy. They need fewer taxes and more well-paying jobs, not higher taxes and a damaged labour market.

The carbon tax would do nothing to help those fighting for financial independence, it will only set them back. Yes, I know the government claims it will be “revenue neutral” but when is the last time a tax ever saved you any money?

The elites are too busy listening to foreign bankers, multinational corporations, and their fellow globalists to hear the voices of Canadian farmers, manufacturers, the resource industry, and workers.

That’s why the elite doesn’t understand the true impact of the carbon tax. And that’s why it must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter