4 Reasons China Is Not Canada’s Friend

Canada’s current “leader” Justin Trudeau never misses an opportunity to suck up to China. He and his government seem to be under the impression that China is an ally of Canada.

This is a huge mistake, and shows a naive view of the world that puts Canada at risk.

China is not our friend. Here are 4 reasons why:

1) China is an anti-democratic authoritarian state

China’s government brutally suppresses the rights of their citizens, throwing people in jail for criticising the government, stealing entire regions – Tibet – blocking freedom of religion, and “disappearing” tens of thousands for unnamed “crimes.”

China routinely threatens their neighbours, denies the democratic aspirations of Taiwan – even threatening outright invasion, and is in the process of trying to stomp out democracy in Hong Kong.

All of those actions go against Canada’s values and principles.

2) China uses other leaders as “useful idiots”

Justin Trudeau, like many other leaders, goes on bended knee to China, selling out his country while China promises more trade and vaguely promises to improve on human rights.

Of course, the trade hurts other countries (I’ll get to that in the third point) and the human rights improvements never come. But each time a leader meets China on China’s terms it serves to give more and more credibility to China’s authoritarian government.

This makes it easier for China to get away with oppressing their people and threatening their neighbours (especially in the South China Sea) since the “useful idiots” are too busy singing China’s praises back in their home countries.

While China’s dissidents languish in damp and dark prison cells, western leaders raise champagne glasses to toast China’s leadership.

That’s how China turns leaders of democracies into tools of authoritarianism. China makes sure their useful globalist boosters make enough money for themselves and their elite to keep the scam going.

China is already trying to take the mantle as the leader of “globalization” (globalism), a clear sign that they are joining with the elites to exploit those outside the ruling class.

3) China benefits economically at the expense of others

Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that Canada, the United States, and much of the Western World have seen their middle classes get decimated just as China trades more and more with us?

China has cleverly rigged the game in their favour, as they’ve seen how blinded our elites are by the talking points of “free trade” and “liberalization.”

China plays a one-sided game where they win and we lose. They take ownership of our companies, but don’t let us take ownership of theirs. They flood our market with their cheap products, but put tariffs on our products to keep them out. They build up huge trade surpluses so we become dependent on their products, losing our own manufacturing and productive capacity.

They put us into a position of subservience, and then our own leaders are too blinded by fear and their failed ideology to get us out of the trap. As a result, China’s middle class is growing every year while our middle class is squeezed worse than ever before.

I don’t blame China for this. They play the game well. They put their economic interests first. Unfortunately, our leaders don’t even realize the game they’re in. And our people pay the price.

4) China is a military threat

New Chinese Aircraft Carrier
New Chinese Aircraft Carrier

As China’s economy grows so does their military strength, and their expansionist attitude. They are already undermining the one-country two-systems deal with Hong Kong, making threatening gestures towards Taiwan – including sending a carrier fleet close to the island – and developing weapons to counter western aircraft carriers.

While many people have a false sense of Canada’s security, consider the vulnerability of our country. We have tremendous amounts of natural resources, a massive amount of land, and yet we also have a small population and badly underfunded military.

China, especially as their desperation for resources grows, would not hesitate to use military threats – either obvious or well hidden – to extract exploitative deals for our resources. They are already investing in companies linked to our national security and defence industries – putting our military and defensive networks at grave risk – and are gobbling up more and more of our resource companies – all while our foolish leaders stand by and let them.

The combination of our military weakness and our leaders economic subservience is giving China more and more power over our country. Considering China’s expansionist attitude and growing aggression, Canada cannot afford to be weak.

Canada must be strong when it comes to China

Canada must be willing to stand up for our own interests. That means refusing to let China gain dominance over our country. It means having a clear-eyed view of China’s intentions, and how their political system differs dramatically from ours. It requires understanding that China currently see’s Canada as a country for them to extract resources and money. They’ll chew us up and spit us out unless we are smart and willing to stand up for ourselves.

China won’t respect a weak country. Do you think they would think twice about tricking or betraying Trudeau? They know he would just sit there and take it. China will respect – as all countries do – those who actually stand up for their own interests. That is what Canada must do.

Canada and China can come to mutually beneficial agreements, but that won’t happen until our leaders take the threat from China seriously and ensure that Canada is dealing from a position of strength.

China is not our friend. If we are to protect our country and our future, our leaders must realize that as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it will be too late.

Spencer Fernando

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