Failing Economy: Canadian Incomes Are Stuck In Neutral

Money in the wallet, then it’s gone. That’s the reality for more and more Canadians

One of the biggest disconnects in our society conerns the top-line economic numbers (GDP, unemployment rate) that the government uses to justify their policies, and the reality on the ground being faced by Canadians.

The governing elites have become so disconnected from the lives of most Canadians that they can’t understand the righteous anger so many of us feel at an economic system that is failing to provide opportunity and prosperity for those who work hard.

And the fact is, when you look deeper, we can see that something has gone seriously wrong.

Take a look at this chart:

Canadian Stagnant Incomes
Source: The Globe & Mail

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

It’s no wonder people feel that things are getting worse. Because things are getting worse.

All the talking points, all the nice photo-ops, all the feel good BS can’t change the fact that people are falling behind.

The well-connected politicians, heads of international corporations, and global banks (AKA the Elites) are doing great in our system. Everyone else, not so much.

Yet, the elites cherry-pick the numbers, including GDP – which is only rising due to factoring in population growth and inflation – to make it look like everything is fine.

But we know better. We know our economy should be doing much better.

The fact is we have to get back to focusing on putting more money in people’s pockets. Lower taxes, less government spending, more decentralization, and letting individuals and families make their own choices – that is the path to prosperity, not concentrating wealth and power in a tiny political elite.

Our politicians don’t want to acknowledge that truth, because it threatens the system they’ve built to keep themselves in power. But no amount of spin can hide the fact that what our politicians are doing now isn’t working.

Unless we change course, things will continue to get worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter