Canadian Senators’ Last-Minute Saudi Arabia Trip Raises Questions

A group of Canadian Senators led by the speaker of the senate made a last-minute, unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia, raising questions about their intentions and the lack of public transparency.

As reported in the Globe & Mail, Speaker George Furey, alongside senators Vern White, Peter Harder, and Percy Downe visited the repressive Middle Eastern State.

It’s supposedly part of a “parliamentary exchange program.”

When asked, the Senator’s office refused to say they would be bringing up human-rights, despite Saudi Arabia being one of the most oppressive and brutal regimes on earth.

Saudi trip was not announced, Canadians had to find out from Saudi Arabian press release

Considering the senate works for the Canadian people – or at least is supposed to, Canadians deserve to know what’s happening. So why wasn’t the trip announced?

Perhaps the senators realized a last-minute trip to meet with the Saudi’s wouldn’t look too good.

Ironically, Canadians only found out about the trip from a Saudi press release. That’s not acceptable.

Will any real issue get discussed? Probably not.

Currently, Canadian citizen Raif Badawi is in a Saudi Arabian prison for “insulting Islam.”

Who wants to bet the cowardly senators won’t bring that up, or actually use their brains and find some leverage to get him out of jail?

No, I bet they’ll avoid any tough discussion and play nice like doormats.

They’ll probably talk about the Saudi Arms deal though

Remember that one? The deal for harmless “Jeeps?”

Saudi Arabia - Canadian Senators - Trudeau Jeep
Source: National Post

Turns out they aren’t jeeps at all. What a shock. I have a sneaking suspicion the senators will avoid talking about freedom and human rights, but I bet they’ll be glad to talk about the arms deal.

Saudi trip is total disgrace

This trip to Saudi Arabia itself is disgraceful, the fact the government tried to hide it from Canadians is even worse.

Saudi Arabia is an economic competitor and stands against everything Canadians believe. It’s time our government realized that instead of sucking up to a brutal regime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter