Ethics Watchdog Investigation Into Trudeau Aga Khan Trip Underway – But Don’t Hold Your Breath

Will the system really go after one of their own?

The Ethics Watchdog has begun the investigation into Justin Trudeau’s visit to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island – and the helicopter ride which may have violated federal ethics law.

While the investigation is a first for a Prime Minister, I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting anything to come of it.

While I could be wrong – and would certainly like to be in this case – and there could be serious ramifications for Trudeau, I have a feeling the system will make sure nothing really happens.

Why is that?

Consider the system in place in Ottawa today. It’s designed to advance the same people, advance the same globalist agenda that is screwing over Canadian workers, and to hide that behind a slick marketing effort.

Justin Trudeau – with his ability to grab public attention – is a great way to try and distract from what’s happening behind the scenes (our country being sold out to China, the middle-class falling apart, incomes and wages stagnant or declining, etc.).

So, why would the system want to weaken or remove Trudeau by going to far into an ethics investigation?

It’s most likely that there will be a bit of a show of “really looking into” the Trudeau Aga Khan issue, and then everyone in Ottawa will quietly move on to something else.

Considering how entrenched the power structure has become, it’s unlikely that change will come from those who are part of the same establishment and the same government they are supposed to be holding accountable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter