#TrudeauGetsIt – Stunning Eloquence From The PM

It’s been a rough time for the PM lately, as he’s getting an earful on numerous government failures as he goes on a listening tour.

He made matters even worse when – instead of visiting a more low-key destination in Canada for a vacation – he went to the Aga Khan’s private island – and may have broken the law in the process.

Now, Trudeau is being raked over the coals for his latest flub, this time as he attempted to “relate” to the immigrant experience.

David Akin broke the news first on Twitter:

#TrudeauGetsIt hashtag spreads

Trudeau’s comments have spawned the #TrudeauGetsIt and resulted in a bunch of hilarious tweets:


There’s plenty more where that came from, check out #TrudeauGetsIt on Twitter.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter