Betrayal Of Canadian Workers Continues: Canada-China “Free” Trade Talks Start Soon

I’ve written many times about the dangers of pursuing “free” trade with China. Considering their currency manipulation, horrible treatment of workers, import tariffs, massive state spending on certain industries, and their desire to own companies from other countries while blocking investment into their own businesses – the evidence is clear: China rigs the global economic system to their benefit.

As voters around the world turn against the corrupt globalist elite that has been bleeding the middle class dry and selling out our future to the highest bidder, you would think Canada’s elites – particularly the elitist PM Justin Trudeau – would have gotten the message by now.

Instead, it’s just the opposite. Trudeau is doubling down on globalism.

By pushing for a Free-Trade deal with China, Trudeau and the current government are signalling that they could care less about the Canadian middle class and Canadian workers who will pay the price for our naive and foolish leadership.

Of course, Justin Trudeau seems to care more about serving China’s interests than Canada’s, and China has benefitted massively from globalization – while the Canadian middle-class has suffered.

China wants total ownership of our resources

We can’t forget, China wants total domination and control of resources, and they use so-called “free” trade as a tool to get access to what they want.

It’s a clever step by step game they play.

First they get some initial trade access, then they start investing, then they open up “free” trade, invest more and take over companies outright, and then before we realize it China will be owning much of Canada’s economy.

Meanwhile, we will get flooded with cheap Chinese goods, which will crush even more Canadian manufacturing jobs, hurt the middle class, and make Canada poorer as a country.

China views trade this way: China wins, Canada loses.

While Trudeau might be fine with that, most Canadians won’t be.

We need to speak out about this betrayal of Canadian workers and the selling out of our country by Trudeau.

“Free” trade with China must be stopped. Canadian citizens must make it clear that we are against letting China walk all over us, and we have to speak out before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter