Surprise, Surprise: China Supports Globalist Agenda At Davos

There are moments when a system reveals itself for what it really is. China’s actions at the elitist summit at Davos, Switzerland is one of those moments.

While many western leaders are avoiding the globalist gathering – hoping their populations forget how much they’ve sold them out – China’s President Xi Jinping is singing the praises of the elitist agenda.

As a result, any pretense of globalism being a benefit to the middle-class of western nations is being stripped away.

Xi told the collection of bankers and billionaires that “We should adapt to and guide economic globalization,” and said, “No one would emerge as a winner in a global trade war.”

Xi also condemned “protectionism.”

Here’s the problem with all this:

China is one of the biggest protectionists of all. They put huge tariffs on imports to keep other countries products out of the country, while expecting other countries to remove tariffs so they can be flooded with Chinese goods.

China’s actions – and the weakness of many western leaders – has devastated the middle-class in our country and many others. But it’s worked out great for China, which is why they want more of the same.

The hypocrisy here is stunning. Just as a few western leaders start waking up to the need to put their own country and own citizens first, China all of sudden becomes the big defender of globalization. Surprise, surprise.

China’s advocacy for globalism, and the complicity of many western elites, shows how disconnected the power structure has become from the lives and interests of everyday people.

Big banks, multinational corporations, and the elites who serve them, want to keep the party going. Globalization has crushed millions of middle class people and workers, but it has enriched that small circle of elites – including China’s growing ranks of billionaires.

China plays a clever propaganda game

China is playing the game well. Publicly, they present the appearance of wanting to work with the world and trading freely. Behind the scenes they build up their military, threaten their neighbours, and rig the economic system in their favour.

Our leaders need to wake up and realize that China’s words and actions don’t match, and strengthen our country for the economic competition ahead.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


*If you really want to see what China thinks about trade, watch the video below:

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