Canada Should Be Much More Powerful

Canada has all the tools to be a powerful nation. Not just a so-called “middle-power” – AKA a country that is listened to during UN speeches and then ignored everywhere else – but a full-fledged top-tier power.

We have advanced technology, a hard-working and productive population, and tremendous natural resources – including two things the world needs desperately: Oil and water.

What do these resources give us?

Massive leverage.

And yet, we don’t use it. Canada seems to live in fear of upsetting the wrong country. Our leaders – especially the current government – make nice with everybody, including the worst regimes on earth.

We remain totally dependent on the US, and the best “solution” our leaders have is to sell out our country in a “free” trade deal with China.

The problem is simple: Our leaders are afraid to assert themselves and use Canada’s true leverage. Massive wealth, influence, and power – plus the security that comes with it – can be ours, if we are willing to seize the opportunity.

But to do so, we will have to avoid some serious pitfalls:

The Carbon Tax

We have to view ourselves as being in a competition with countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, and other oil producers. The more market share we gain, the more wealthy Canada will become.

That’s why the carbon tax is such a horrible idea. The carbon tax will strangle our economy and reduce our energy producing potential. That hurts our potential market share, which makes our country poorer. To become a more powerful country, we’ll need to stop the carbon tax.


The idea of Canada selling our water is controversial for some. But there are ways to manage it, and make a massive amount of money in the process – money that can go to lowering taxes, creating jobs, and strengthening social programs – lifting Canadians out of poverty.

With strict rules – including a ban on foreign ownership of our water – Canada can make a fortune selling water – which is a renewable resource – so it’s not like we’ll run out of it.

Tremendous wealth is available if we handle the sale of our water in the right way. And as the world gets more and more desperate for the resource, we can gain tremendous leverage with it. Sales can be contingent on favourable terms for our exports, military alliances, and deals that benefit Canadians.


If we do the two things I said above – massively increase our oil production and profit from our water – we will need to put some of the profit from that towards building up our military. The world is a dangerous place, and people try to take what others have. As much as we can hope for the best, we need to be prepared for the worst.

That’s why the third step of Canada becoming a top-tier power – a true superpower – is building up our military. We are already about as rich as Russia (who has the second most powerful military) – despite having less than 1/3rd of their population – so we can afford to build up a more powerful military machine to defend our country and protect the security of Canadians.

The world is becoming a more deadly and divisive place, as countries compete for advantage. We can’t afford to be naive or play nice with everybody. We need to use the tremendous resource wealth Canada has to become more prosperous, more secure, and more powerful.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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