Trudeau May Have Violated Official Languages Act With French-Only Answers

During a town-hall in Quebec, Justin Trudeau managed to become even more disconnected from the Canadian people.

Here’s what happened:

A woman speaking English asked how Trudeau would help English-speaking Quebecers who need mental health services, and have difficulties because the services are often only available in French, not english.

“Thank you for your use of both official languages,” said Trudeau – in French.

Trudeau continued, in French.

“But we’re in a French province so I will answer in French.”

“All people who speak one of the two official languages should feel comfortable across the country,” Trudeau continued – in French.

He didn’t answer any part of the question in English.

In total, Trudeau got six questions in English, and answered them all in French. He didn’t speak english at all during the town hall.

People are not happy:

Judy Ross, who asked the question, said it was “very insulting,” and said, “I really felt disrespected.”

Gerald Cutting, the head of an organization that represents English speakers in the area, was outraged:

Said Cutting, “It was as if someone had just walked up to me and hit me in the stomach. I lost my breath. During the whole time that the prime minister was in the meeting, he did not say one word of English, not even in his opening remarks.”

Trudeau may face another investigation

Already facing an investigation for his helicopter ride with the Aga Khan, Trudeau could be investigated under the Official Languages Act for his actions at the town hall.

By law, all Canadians are supposed to be able to get services provided in either of Canada’s official languages.

Trudeau didn’t even try to do that.

Ross asked her question in English, specifically about the difficulty of getting English language services. It would have been easy for Trudeau to answer in English.

Instead, he chose to show total disrespect for one of Canada’s official languages, and for everyone who speaks it.

Trudeau’s town halls only showing how out-of-touch he is

Trudeau was supposed to be “reconnecting” with the Canadian people during his town hall trips. Instead, he is just revealing how much of an out-of-touch elitist he is.

He can’t help it. That’s who he is. He was born into tremendous wealth and privilege, and never made an effort to get what it’s like to experience the struggles of most Canadians. Now he’s trying to fake it, but despite the drama lessons, the act is wearing thin.

Canadians are waking up to the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter