Creepy Canada Revenue Agency Should Stop Spying On Canadians

CRA ‘Monitoring’ Our Social Media Activity

According to a recent report, the Canada Revenue Agency is watching Canadians social media activities – monitoring accounts for suspected tax cheating.

This is part of a scheme by the CRA to increase the use of ‘Big Data’ to watch what Canadians are doing online.

Additionally, former CRA commissioner Andrew Treusch says the agency is using big data to inform their efforts to “nudge” Canadians into “compliance.”

Creepy CRA

As much as we like to think the government works for us, it’s clear the elitists in charge see it differently. In a free country, the government should not be monitoring Canadians on social media.

It’s even more absurd when you consider that the government is using tax dollars to pay the very people who are trying to track what Canadians say and do – all in order to extract more money from us.

This is the sign of a system that is so desperate for money that they are willing to act like creepy stalkers. These actions have no place in a free country.

Cut the CRA

If the CRA has the time and resources to spy on Canadians social media activity, they are receiving way too much funding.

In a free and open country, the tax collecting agency should be tiny. Unfortunately, we have a state that is obsessed with growing itself at all costs, without regard to the lives or pocketbooks of the people.

The continued expansion of the CRA is just another example of how bloated and overbearing our government has become.

Canadians need to stand up against these actions by the CRA, and make it clear that we don’t accept our government creeping through our social media accounts.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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