Kevin O’Leary Endorsed By Brett Wilson

After getting ripped by Arlene Dickinson, another former Dragon’s Den Star is offering a very different view on Kevin O’Leary.

Brett Wilson has endorsed O’Leary for Conservative leader, saying Arlene Dickinson’s attack was unfair and didn’t really represent who O’Leary is.

In an interview with CBC, Wilson pushed back on the idea that O’Leary is heartless:

“The thought that Kevin has no heart — Kevin was the only dragon who stepped up to help me on one of the donations that I made. Kevin’s was the first cheque I asked for when we supported Breast Friends,” said Wilson. “It seems wrong for either Kevin or Arlene to be sitting in judgment of each other.”

Wilson calls O’Leary a “provocateur”

Wilson explained O’Leary’s tough persona as a result of being a provocateur, and being skilled at promotions and marketing.

Wilson made an important point when he contrasted the coverage of O’Leary’s past statements, with the fact that much of the elitist media has skated over Justin Trudeau’s comments on “phasing out the oil sands.” O’Leary may have been controversial on a TV show, but Trudeau’s call to destroy a Canadian industry should be getting way more attention.

When it comes to controversy, Wilson says O’Leary may be a bit politically incorrect, but added “he’s willing to take on the tough issues without kowtowing to the vocal minority. I love Kevin’s approach.”

Wilson’s endorsement of O’Leary is a great reminder that the same person and the same situation can be seen completely differently by different people. Most people aren’t one-dimensional, and what looks bad to one person can look great to another.

The winner in all of this discussion is Kevin O’Leary himself. The more he’s talked about, the more name-recognition he gains. In a crowded leadership race, name-recognition and media attention means everything.

Just ask the guy taking the oath of office tomorrow down south.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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