North Korea Might Challenge Trump Administration With Missile Test

The incoming Trump Administration may face a quick foreign policy test – thanks to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

As reported by Reuters, the US sees evidence that the reclusive regime may execute a missile test within the next few days, or in the coming weeks.

The missile that could be tested is an upgraded ICBM prototype.

According to a US intel official, the test of the missile would really be about testing Trump, to see how he reacts.

North Korea is believed to be expanding their missile delivery capability, giving them the power to deliver a nuclear weapon to much of the world – potentially even Canada, the United States, and Europe.

This will be an area of significant risk for the incoming US government.

Transition of power is a moment of vulnerability for the US

As one administration makes way for another, the military and intel communities continue to function. That being said, if there was ever a moment where North Korea feels it could get away with challenging the new administration, the day of the inauguration – or shortly thereafter – would be the time.

The incoming President will not have all of his cabinet appointees in place, government staff are still being rotated in and out of positions, and there is always a learning curve for a new admin.

That creates a moment of vulnerability, and it seems North Korea is considering the possibility of exploiting it.

That being said, there is a big risk for North Korea in getting the relationship with the new admin off to such a bad start.

While China has shown no willingness to crack down on the ruthless North Korean regime – China even enables North Korea’s repression – the new Trump administration may be inclined to seek various avenues to punish North Korea for any provocative action.

Tougher sanctions, or even military threats could be considered in light of North Korea’s risky games.

Welcome to office President Trump

Whatever happens, North Korea’s potential missile test points to the fact that the challenges start on day one for the new administration, and a world of responsibilities rests on Donald Trump’s shoulders.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter