The World Should Pay Canada For All The Carbon Dioxide We Absorb

Instead of a dumb carbon tax, we should realize that Canada does more than anyone to absorb emissions – and we should be rewarded for it

If it weren’t for all the damage the carbon tax will cause to our economy and the lives of Canadians, it would be funny.

It would be funny because it is based on a totally misguided reading of Canada’s contribution to carbon emissions.

In reality, the idea that Canada should reduce our carbon output is foolish when you consider the actual facts.

Check out this great post from social media:

Canada Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

Whether it’s 11 times more, or 30% more as F. Larry Martin wrote in the Financial Post, it’s clear that Canada absorbs way more CO2 than we use.

We should be getting paid for it.

The last thing we should be doing is hurting Canadians with a carbon tax. We can emit more, and boost our economic potential, while getting paid by other countries with carbon credits.

It’s stunning that our leaders have ignored this fact. Canada is doing way more than our part in absorbing carbon dioxide, yet our foolish politicians only give us a guilt-trip about how much energy we use and how much we pollute.

It’s pure stupidity.

A misguided political agenda is driving us down a path to more poverty and economic struggle. We are depriving our people of potential wealth and employment opportunities by ignoring the truth about Canada’s true contribution to the global climate.

There’s a simple reason for this: Canada’s elites and the globalists they serve are using the environmental issue to transfer wealth from our country, and from the most productive sectors of our economy, into the hands of our politicians – who are in turn controlled by the globalists.

This is deeply disturbing, and it’s a betrayal of the best interests of Canadians.

The facts are clear: Canada absorbs massive amounts of CO2, and we should be rewarded for it. Canada should start pushing for other countries to pay us carbon credits, money we can use to grow our economy and strengthen our country.

Canada, and the Canadian people deserve the best. We deserve leaders who are willing to see the truth and fight for the best interests of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter