“Globalism” Is Not “Canadianism”

How the system hides the truth from Canadians

Look around our country: We are surrounded by increased inequality, higher taxes, declining services, stagnant or declining wages.

And that’s just at home.

Around the world there is increased violence, suffering, and chaos.

And yet, one of the most interesting – and disappointing – things about the world today is the number of people who still defend the failed system.

A select few – the powerful globalist elite – benefit from the way the system is structured – while the rest of us are being forced to fight for the crumbs they deign to leave us.

But despite the obvious failure of the system – there are still many people who eagerly defend the current power structure.

Consider the situation in Canada. We have a prime minister who is only in their position because their dad was PM. In his naivity and entitlement, Trudeau seems willing to sell us out to the elite he is a part of – including the powerful rules of China – and the Canadian people, and particularly Canadian worker’s – are paying the price.

At the same time, a whole young generation of Canadians is being held back from opportunity, facing a bleak future of a chaotic and weak job market, and empty government promises that won’t hold up.

So why do so many people still defend the globalist system?

The answer is simple: Through the media, much of our education system, and our many of our politicians, the elite delegitimize dissenting opinions. They call any different kind of idea extreme, slamming it with a negative label and trying to brand it as outside of the realm of “reasonable” consideration.

The idea of Canadian Nationalism is one example of that.

The basic idea of nationalism – Canadian Nationalism – would be to put the interests of our country first. A reasonable and common-sense idea of a stronger internal economy, refusing to give away our country to foreign investors – whether on Wall Street or in China – and improving our badly depleted national defences – These are basic, common-sense ideas.

And yet, our politicians don’t even want to go near them. They flee those ideas like the plague. Particularly our current ruling party – representing the elitist ruling class. They are still stuck in the ideology of globalism, showing no belief in the power of Canadians to build up our own country or set our own destiny.

This elitist power structure disseminates their ideology through our universities and the media – particularly the government controlled CBC – using their tremendous financial resources to cast globalism as “Canadianism.”

In the process, they have systematically eroded the idea of Canadian nationalism, trying to make people feel guilty for putting our country first or feeling a sense of national pride.

As a result, Canada now falls further and further in the direction of globalism – which has exploited our people and dis-empowerd our country – all while much of the world is waking up to the need to put their own national interests first.

This is why it’s important for all of us to speak out – now more than ever.

We must question the status quo. We must have courage, and not be afraid to challenge our leaders. And we must push the idea of Canadian Nationalism – putting the interests of our country ahead of all else – to make sure that our people have the best opportunity to achieve our goals and dreams.

And we must let go of guilt. We should not feel guilty for pursuing our national interests. If anything, our “leaders” should feel guilty for how badly they’ve failed to do so.

The reality is clear: The system set up by the elites has hidden the truth that Canada could be, and should be, much more powerful and prosperous than we are.

Unfortunately, until we are able to truly change the power structure of our country and bring back the idea of empowering Canadians, we will continue to be smothered by the lies that hold us back from our true potential.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter