Horrible: Trudeau Government Denies Benefits To Veteran Who Challenged PM At Townhall

Those who serve our country deserve the best. Nothing less than the best.

But they don’t receive the best. Successive governments have miserably failed to support the brave men and women who put everything on the line for our country.

And now – despite their campaign promises – it is obvious that the Trudeau government is continuing the legacy of failing our veterans.

Canadian Veteran Joseph Angelini was injured by roadside bomb, now he’s been denied benefits by the Trudeau government

At a Townhall in London, Ontario, Joseph Angelini challenged Justin Trudeau on why he has had to wait months for his pension cheque.

Angelini served two tours in Afghanistan, and was injured by a roadside bomb.

Not only has he been waiting months for his cheque, but he has been waiting for a decision on whether he would receive the caregiver allowance so his parents can help him.

Now after he challenged Trudeau, he received word that he has been denied the caregiver allowance.

Angelini is being very respectful through the process, and even put the blame on Veterans Canada, rather than Trudeau.

“I’ve already fought my war, I shouldn’t have to fight Veterans Affairs now,” said Angelini. “I should have to worry about getting better, and it seems the majority of work I do is running around for Veterans Affairs to just be told no.”

The fact that Angelini shows such restraint in the face of such massive disrepespect, exemplifies the inner strength of those in uniform.

And while it’s true that Trudeau probably didn’t sign the rejection of Angelini’s benefits, I would have to say that it’s a bit odd that he got the rejection so soon after challenging the PM in a public forum.

Plus, we all know that when a PM wants a particular problem fixed they can get it done if they really wanted to. Trust me on that. When politicians at the top of a system say they can’t fix some bureaucratic problem, what they’re really saying is they don’t care enough to fix it.

What makes it even worse, is Angelini’s file was supposedly “fast tracked” only to be rejected anyway.


Angelini, and all Canadian Veterans, deserve far better treatment

The way Canada mistreats our veterans is a national disgrace. Those who serve our country have taken up a sacred duty, and we owe a sacred duty to them in return.

The mistreatment, underfunding, and disrespect of our veterans must stop. Our veterans are heroes, and it’s time we started treating them like it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter