Millennials Can’t Rely On The Failed Government

Centralized systems are falling apart, and millennials are paying the price

It’s no shock to anyone that things are bad for millennials (things are bad for most people the economy – but often worse than average for millennials).

Our government system has grown bigger and bigger, yet failed miserably to create the jobs and opportunity we should expect for all our tax dollars.

According to Stats Canada data – not only do young workers make less than workers of previous generations did when they were young, but precarious work is more common than ever:

  • In the late 70’s, 76% of young men, and 58% of young women were working full-time.
  • By contrast, 59% of young men, and 49% of young women had full-time jobs in 2014.

If this decline in stable work was combined with an increase in wages, it would be more manageable. Instead, the exact opposite has happened.

Wages have fallen for both young men and young women, with the greatest decline occurring for young men – a full 10%.

Government has failed and has no solutions for the problems of a new world

As the Millennial generation struggles – with many facing a big debt burden in addition to low wages – the government keeps on taxing and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

It is clear that in an unstable economy, and with wages being squeezed, the government must do everything possible to make sure people have more money in their pockets. That means reducing the burden of government, cutting fees, energy costs, and reducing taxes.

The fewer taxes we are paying, the more money will have to save, or invest in what we need to move our lives forward. The fewer taxes we pay, the sooner we can get out of debt. Government cannot continue reacting to the problems of the future by trying to grasp for more and more money and control.

But instead, our government reacts by wanting to increase taxes – a testament to how locked-in they are to a failed way of thinking.

It is now clear that Millennials cannot rely on the government, and we must push back against politicians who try to tell us that the solution to all our problems is just to give them more of our money.

Millennials have already seen beyond centralized control

The Millennial generation already understands that decentralized networks can be much more effective than bloated, centralized systems like our current government.

Consider this: Airbnb, and Uber are examples of systems that evolved far beyond what government understood. The pathetic attempts of government’s to regulate those apps after the fact makes most millennials just shake their heads at how out of touch the politicians are.

That’s why the millennial generation is so well positioned to dismantle the broken and corrupt government system that enriches politicians by plundering everyone else.

That game has been played for a long time, and it’s failed miserably.

Millennials have to realize that we can no longer rely on the government, and that true prosperity, freedom, and opportunity can be ours if we see beyond the limitations imposed on us by those in power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter