Protests Turn Violent At Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

While most of the protestors during Donald Trump’s inauguration were peaceful, some took things way too far – attacking police and destroying property.

Fires were set, cars were set on fire. Half a dozen police officers were hurt. At least 95 people were arrested by police, and teargas was used as crowds got out of control.

Watch a clip from the violent inauguration protests:

VIDEO: Inauguration Day protests

Protests had followed Trump’s initial victory, but died down as time went on. A march on Washington is expected tomorrow – with some estimating 200,000 to attend – though time will tell if turnout is that high.

Washington is a town that leans heavily Democratic. Over 90% of Washington D.C. residents voted for Clinton, making it very unrepresentative of the country at large.

An interesting example of how government has run amuck in the United States, the Washington D.C. suburbs have become one of the richest areas in America. That contrast between the well-being of those involved in government, and the suffering of many working Americans contributed to Trump’s victory.

Spencer Fernando

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