Canada Must Ban Saudi Oil

As a nation with abundant oil reserves, Canada should easily be 100% energy independent.

But we are not.

Canada imports massive amounts of Saudi Arabian Oil, in what is one of the most pathetic displays of economic and political stupidity of our time.

As Claudia Cattaneo wrote in the Financial Post, “As federal and provincial politicians pat themselves on the back for their climate change ‘leadership,’ and pipeline opponents gloat about stalling construction of new Canadian pipelines, tanker-loads of foreign oil are delivered regularly to Eastern Canadian refineries, including increasing volumes from Saudi Arabia.”

Cattaneo makes an essential point here: Canada is going to use oil regardless, so we can either get it from our own country, or get it from other countries – and that usually means Saudi Arabia.

This is incredibly foolish for our country.

Every barrel of oil we import from Saudi Arabia is one less we buy from our own country, and is money taken out of the Canadian economy.

Even worse, that money leaves Canada and goes to Saudi Arabia, enriching their oppressive regime – a regime that funds terrorism, horribly oppresses women, restricts all religious freedom, and plays a lead role in making our world a more violent and dangerous place.

In short, purchasing oil from Saudi Arabia is a horrendous investment.

So, we face a clear choice. We can either keep mixing Saudi oil imports with Canadian oil, or we can fully support our Canadian oil industry, Canadian jobs, and Canadian values by buying oil from our own country.

If we chose to do the right thing – Buy Canadian – we must ban Saudi oil imports completely.

A full embargo on Saudi imports would send a clear message, and would provide a massive boost to our Canadian energy sector.

With that said, it’s not just as simple as banning Saudi imports.

We would need to invest in Canada’s oil production, building more pipelines, expanding refining capacity so we can refine all of our oil here at home, and make sure that regulatory burdens are eased so we can keep expanding the oilsands, increasing production, creating more jobs, and making Canada richer.

This would be a big win for Canada:

Canada would win as our energy sector expands and more people have jobs. Our country would become richer, with more money staying within Canada. We would become more secure, as our energy independence and the end of our reliance on the dangerous Middle East would put us in a more powerful position. And finally, we would be living up to our Canadian values and principles, instead of giving money to a country that is against everything Canada stands for.

The time has come to have a fully “Buy Canadian” approach when it comes to using oil in Canada.

The time has come to ban all Saudi oil imports.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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