China Manipulates Gullible Elites At Davos

Give credit to China’s President Xi Jinping. He certainly knows how to tell western elites what they want to hear.

He pulled off a great performance at the Davos summit – where global elites gather to plan (or lament the failure of their plans) to reorder the world in their own favour.

Xi told the elites what they wanted to hear – that more free trade and globalism is always the answer.

Xi called for further global co-operation, and increasing the opennes of markets.

That’s music to the ears of the Davos elites.

It’s also not at all true.

Nationalist Xi Jinping knows the right words, but doesn’t match them with deeds

The irony of Xi Jinping presenting himself as the defender of opennes is immense.

Xi Jinping is a Chinese nationalist. He seeks the good of China at the expense of other nations.

Even before Xi took power, China has played the game of international trade very well. But that does not mean they are open. China encourages (fools) other countries into letting them invest heavily and take over numerous companies and industries. And yet, China has put up many restrictions to foreign investment in their own country.

Thus, China has rigged the system of international trade in their own favour, with the complicity of the Davos elite – who have become rich and powerful from the very same system China manipulates.

Unfortunately, rather than report on they dishonesty of Xi Jinping’s statements, the western establishment media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Breathless headlines extolling Xi as the “defender of globalization” and heralding a new order led by China only served to prove how far in the tank the media is for the globalist system.

They aren’t interested in the truth, they just want to push the “party line.”

This is why we need to go around the establishment media, and make sure the perspective of regular citizens – the real truth – is heard.

It is now clear that we can no longer rely on the establishment to tell us the truth.

If China, the media, and the elites all agree on something, we can be sure it’s bad for the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter