Instead Of Bringing Up Race, How About We Treat People As Individuals

We should judge people for their actions, not their race

One of the things I find strange about the world today is how there seems to be an increase in people talking about race.

Every dispute in the world – particularly in the political arena – seems to get focused on race sooner or later.

More and more people seem to be defining themselves by their race, rather than their country or their own actions.

This is a big problem.

There is no way we can bring unity to our country or our world if we keep dividing people by their race. Both those who feed into racial stereotypes and discriminate – and those who try to use their racial status as a way to claim victimhood – are only driving people further apart.

The issue with people always bringing up race and defining themselves and others by race is that it focuses on something people can’t control, while shifting focus away from what we do control.

Nobody can control what race they were born into. So, to judge people for their race, or to restrict their opportunities, or to hold them responsible for the actions of their ancestors – is a deeply disrespectful act.

We should be judged by our individual actions and for the choices we make, rather than the race we were born into.

All the talk of certain races being “privileged” – expecting people to stay quiet because of what happened years ago – has no place in a free and open society.

Each of us is more than the race we were born into. We are individuals. We each have a unique personality, unique goals, and unique dreams.

It is time we left all the talk of race in the past, and focus on people as individuals.

Spencer Fernando