Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Holds Strange Press Conference

Fake News on day one

Sean Spicer’s first full day on the job as White House Press Secretary was quite odd. He opened his briefing by discussing the size of the inauguration crowds – attacking the media for saying Trump’s attendance was lower than previous inauguration events.

Watch Sean Spicer’s White House Press Conference for yourself:

Leading off by talking about the size of the inaugural crowd is definitely an odd move – for two reasons.

  • First, most people won’t even be thinking about it today.
  • Second, there is clear evidence the crowd was smaller than some of the past inaugurations.

While Spicer was wrong on the crowd size, he is correct on the misinformation surrounding the bust of Martin Luther King Jr.

The bust was not removed from the Oval Office, as you can see in the tweet below:

Journalist Zeke Miller had said the bust was removed – obviously trying to stir up some argument about racism. It turns out Miller was incorrect, the bust was simply obscured behind a reporter.

That didn’t stop Miller from tweeting about it, only to be forced to retract it later:

Miller later apologized:

So, we’ve started off with more than enough fake news to around. Fake news on inaugural crowd sizes, and then fake news on the Martin Luther King Jr. bust in the oval office.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Spencer Fernando