Kathleen Wynne Is Decimating Ontario’s Middle Class. She Should Fix That Rather Than Lecture Kevin O’Leary

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne issued an open letter to Kevin O’Leary, attacking his policies as he enters the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race

This is a free country, so Wynne can obviously say whatever she wants. But the irony of her criticizing the potential impacts of the policy of others is too big to overlook.

Kathleen Wynne’s energy policies are destroying Ontario’s Middle Class – and Trudeau seems to want to follow in her footsteps

Kathleen Wynne’s policies are having a devastating effect on the pocket books of middle class Ontario residents – and low-income people as well.

She’s even admitted it:

Said Wynne at a partisan meeting, “I take responsibility as leader for not paying close enough attention to some of the daily stresses in Ontarians’ lives. Electricity prices are the prime example.”

Ontario’s government has horribly mismanaged their power system – in a way only the government can. It produces more power than the province needs, but is trapped in contracts that force the province to buy that power.

So, the province is buying extra power it can’t use, and citizens are forced to pay for the difference by being slammed with extra energy fees.

What a dumb system.

Also adding to the costs are massive green-energy contracts the government gives out. The contracts are incredibly expensive, but it turns out the energy generated isn’t even close to meeting the value of what the province is paying.

So again, the taxpayers get slammed with more fees.

Finally, the Ontario government gutted the energy watchdog, depriving the public of the transparency, oversight, and control over prices that could have prevented the system from failing so horribly.

So why does Trudeau want to copy Wynne’s failures?

Justin Trudeau is bringing in more regulations and a massive carbon tax, which will amount to a huge energy fee and tax on everything else.

Even though Wynne has admitted her policies are a failure, Trudeau still seems dead-set on copying them. Very foolish.

Wynne should fix her failures in Ontario

Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating is under 20% in many polls. Her terrible policies have made a real – and severely negative impact – on the lives of the people who entrusted her with power.

It makes no sense for her to be going after other leaders when her own record is so terrible. And I can bet that the people of Ontario would rather she focuses on making their lives better than playing political games.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter