Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fires Caused By Irregular Batteries: Report

Samsung says the fires that caused the mass recall of the Galaxy Note 7 were caused by ‘irregularly sized’ batteries, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, the original batteries – made by Samsung SDI – did not properly fit into the phone, while the replacement batteries made by ATL had quality issues due to the rushed production schedule to replace the recalled phones.

The problem became so bad that production of the Galaxy Note 7 was permanently ended.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 became a full-fledged debacle

The original device launch soon led to numerous reports of fires and explosions. After millions of devices were recalled and replacement devises chipped out to customers, there were reports that the replacement devices were catching fire as well.

Samsung was forced into the rare position of completely cancelling the line.

The failure cost Samsung over $5 billion USD, one of the largest single-product losses ever experienced.

Samsung will seek to make a comeback with their new product line, but increasing competition in the Android space – with Google’s new Pixel smart phone – and the highly anticipated launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, means Samsung faces serious difficulty holding on to market share.

WATCH: A compilation of Galaxy Note 7 phone’s catching fire and exploding

Spencer Fernando.

Photo – Twitter

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