In Today’s World, We Must Trust In Ourselves

The establishment fears an empowered people

As technology empowers us to share our views without being filtered by the establishment, those in power are growing more and more desperate to keep pushing the “party line.”

You can see it in government and in the establishment media. As their authority declines, they make more and more desperate appeals for us to believe in them. They call anything that challenges their perspective “fake,” and they try to seize more and more power.

There’s a clear reason for this.

The elites know that their power only exists so long as they have the trust of the people.

But as they fail to get results, as they fail to keep our country safe, and as they fail to make good on their promises of opportunity and prosperity, they are realizing that people no longer believe them.

Trust in our institutions – especially the establishment media and the politicians – is lower than ever before.

So the question we have to ask is this:

Who do we trust?

We have to trust ourselves. In today’s world, our tools of communication give us the chance to share what we believe, to build our own audiences, and to fight on even terms with those in power.

But that fight for truth can only be won if we believe in ourselves. Those in power – those in the elitist establishment – will do everything they can to undermine our trust in ourselves, and in each other.

They are terrified that we will realize how little we need them, and how much we can accomplish through common sense and our own wisdom.

The future of our society will depend on whether we are willing to believe in ourselves and our own power, or whether we give in to the fearful message that the elites spread to keep themselves in control of our lives and our destinies.

Everything depends on us making the right choice.

Spencer Fernando

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