The Canadian Rangers Are Being Neglected By The Government

I write often about how Canada’s government neglects our national defences, and neglects those who sign up to protect our nation.

Unfortunately, the stories of that neglect just keep on coming.

It is being reported by CBC that numerous members of the Canadian Rangers – Canada’s northern eyes and ears – have died and many others lack access to support and healthcare.

The Canadian Armed Forces ombudsmen Gary Walbourne began looking into the Canadian Rangers in 2015. He found big disparities and gaps in the care provided to the Ranger force.

“Anyone who’s joined the Canadian Armed Forces and has committed their side of the obligation leaves us with an obligation. That is to ensure that they’re well managed and well taken care of, if they should become ill or injured,” said Walbourne.

Walbourne is absolutely right.

The way Canada treats those who defend our country – whether it’s currently serving military members, Canadian Veterans, or the Canadian Rangers – is totally unacceptable.

We ask people to defend our country and keep us safe, then our government neglects to give them the tools and support they need.

Canadian Rangers have been neglected for a long time

Back in 2015 when Walbourne began looking onto the Rangers, it was found that 49 members of the Rangers had died in just a four-year span.

The Rangers used to be so ill-equipped that they had to use their own resources to stay warm. Their guns are only now being upgraded – for the longest time they were using ancient Lee-Enfield rifles. And the new upgrades are still pretty low-powered weapons.

It seems the government doesn’t take it too seriously.

And as much as the current government is neglecting our veterans and terribly underfunding our military, the previous government, and governments going back decades, deserve blame as well.

Canada has long talked a big game around the world, but we haven’t backed it up by giving our military the funding it needs.

The government talks about support for those who protect us, but those words seem empty when we don’t give them the care and respect they have earned.

Somehow, our government always finds billions of our tax dollars to give away around the world, while neglecting our own safety and prosperity here at home.

That must come to an end.

We need to support the Canadian Rangers, and our Canadian Military, both those who serve and those who have served.

Those who protect us deserve the best, and it’s time our government recognized that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter