Why Is Trudeau Helping China Acquire Canada’s Military Secrets?

Liberals Ignoring CSIS & Defence Department Advice Against China Deal

Both CSIS and Canada’s Defence Department have warned the Trudeau government against letting Chinese-based O-Net Communications buy ITF Technologies – a Canadian military tech company.

But Justin Trudeau and his disturbingly China-friendly government are pushing ahead anyway.

As reported in the Globe & Mail, Canada’s security agencies have big concerns about the deal:

“If the technology is transferred, China would be able to domestically-produce advanced-military laser technology to Western standards sooner than would otherwise be the case, which diminishes Canadian and allied military advantages.”

China is led by an oppressive authoritarian regime that does not allow freedom of speech or expression, regularly jails and executes “political opponents,” and is aggressively threatening their neighbours.

Canada should not be helping them strengthen their military power.

Trudeau admires China despite their horrible human rights record

Trudeau Admires China's Basic Dictatorship

Justin Trudeau – who once expressed admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship,” seems to be obsessed with helping China – even to the detriment of Canada’s interests.

It must not be forgotten that China has stolen numerous military technologies from other nations in order to enhance their own capability. Many believe that China’s newest fighter jet – the J31 – is believed to have been almost fully copied from F-35 and F-22 plans stolen from the US Pentagon.

Trudeau has to either be naive or willing to help China if he thinks moving ahead with the deal is a good idea.

No transparency from Trudeau on why China deal is back on

Due to the level of technology posessed by ITF Technologies and their closeness to Canada’s security apparatus – plus the fact that any Chinese company is effectively an arm of the Chinese authoritarian state – the previous government cancelled the deal as “injurious to national security.”

But now, no such explanations are being given. Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains is refusing to say why the deal is being reversed – depriving Canadians of any knowledge about this deal.

By reversing that decision and opening the deal up once again, Justin Trudeau is showing a disturbing willingness to submit himself to China’s military interests – interests than run directly against Canada’s.

David Mulroney – Canada’s former ambassador to China – is very concerned by the deal. Here’s what he told the Globe & Mail:

“The accumulated weight of evidence – that great care needs to be taken in any high-technology transaction even remotely associated with China – is such that a reversal in this [national security] case is surprising.”

Trudeau’s submission to China puts Canada at risk

Making this whole deal even worse, is the fact that ITF Technologies has done in-depth work with CSIS and the Canadian Defence Department on building advanced hacking defences.

That means letting China’s government control ITF Technologies and gain access to our secrets could directly put our national security at risk.

That would be a huge mistake.

Justin Trudeau and his government needs to wake up. China is not our friend.

The sale of ITF Technologies needs to be blocked, and we need to keep China’s government far away from anything having to do with our national security.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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Chan Kat-Ching $

The simple answer for a man to make strange decision is that he has accepted money.

Martin Whalley

he is constantly aligning himself with most despicable people on the planet.


Don’t be surprised to see China import even more Chinese ( of fighting age ) to start “protecting” the companies and resources Trudeau has sold to them. They have already installed Chinese staff at Norsat and are starting the process of replacing employees at the BC Senior’s complexes. The thin fake excuse is that they have “students” taking English lessons at a local “International School” that suddenly appeared a few months ago. Is English not taught in China? Can we expect to see Chinese “Security guards” at Ft. McMurray, protecting Chinese owned oil installations?

Norbert Kausen C.D.

What Trudeau is doing is out and out treason… there is no ambiguity about it!


Trudeau is doing this so SNC Lavalin could get the big contract with China.


This coupled with the backdoor dealings with Huawei is setting a very dangerous precedence.

David Henley

There is nothing new about the love Trudeau has for China. He has sold out our gold still in the ground. Sold out our satellite security to them. Sold the province of B.C. to them, and continue to sell our Realestate and over inflation of homes so we can’t afford a home in our own country. In a short time they will own everything and it will not be Canada anymore.


You said it , I’ve not seen such an attack on Canadian culture and immigration making decisions for all Canadians without consent, Canada is doomed under this leadership . Canadians need to reform our laws and penalties and our tax code witch makes no sense so outdated and inadequate. Trudeau’s government makes no common sense, and will force this country into anarchy and violence

Beverley Campbell

My thoughts are as follows; how on earth did Tru d’oh ever get re-elected. Openly admiring China and it’s dictatorship government is not something to be proud of. Animosity towards our dunce of a leader is growing, thank goodness.
Conservatives, do not wait until April for a Leadership Review, you are going to be caught with your pants down…………….