3 Reasons Canada Should Increase Military Spending

We have to take our national defence seriously

Canada’s military is woefully underfunded.

We spend less than 1% of our GDP on our national defence, (.99%), which ranks 23rd out of 28 NATO countries.

This is even more of a problem considering Canada’s large geographic area, and the increasing strategic importance of the arctic.

Canada’s long history of underfunding our military must come to an end. It’s time for us to dramatically increase military spending.

Here are three reasons why:

Keep Canada Safe

The most obvious reason to increase defence spending is to protect our country. While we like to rely on the United States, it is neither fair to the US, or fair to our own citizens to outsource our ability to defend ourselves. We face rising risks around the world, especially as international competition increases around Canada’s arctic and the potentially vast resource wealth located there.

And with growing instability around the world, there is no guarantee that we can count on our security alliances. Events can deteriorate quickly, and building up our military can protect us against that uncertainty, and protect our national resources.

Strengthen our Economy

Canada’s manufacturing sector has taken a massive hit in recent years. Our tech industry often struggles to compete – especially with Silicon Valley so massively dominant. And we have a large youth unemployment rate.

A military build-up would help alleviate all of those problems.

If we focused on a Made in Canada and Designed in Canada military program, we could boost domestic manufacturing as new ships, airplanes, and ground units are constructed. Our tech industry would benefit from increased investment in innovation and military technology, which could massively expand Research & Development.

Also, an expand Army, Navy, and Airforce would create tens of thousands of new jobs, many of which would be filled by young Canadians.

All of this would serve to boost our domestic economy, which would provide the added bonus of increasing our insulation from the unstable global market.

Defending Canadian Principles

I am deeply opposed to the Saudi Arms deal. Both the previous government, and the current government, approved a deal to sell billions of dollars worth of armed vehicles to Saudi Arabia – a regime that supports terrorism, denies religious freedom, and horribly oppresses women.

That deal never should have been approved.

With that in mind, I don’t blame Canada’s defence industry for the deal. I blame the government.

Canada has underfunded our military so badly that Canada’s defence industry simply can’t survive without selling weapons abroad.

That’s the law of unintended consequences: Since the weapons will get built either way, they can either be built for our own country and be put to service protecting Canada and protecting our principles, or they can be sold to horrible regimes like Saudi Arabia – regimes that will use the weapons to oppress their people and kill innocents.

Far better to build up our military here at home, and ensure that our defence industry is devoted to protecting Canada.

Time to build up the Canadian military

The three reasons I mentioned above, Keeping Canada Safe, Strengthening Our Economy, and Defending Canadian Principles, are just some of the reasons that Canada should increase our military spending.

It’s time that Canada’s government took our national defence seriously. It’s time to increase Canadian Military spending.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter