Trump Approves Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines

Executive Orders will move both pipelines forward

US President Donald Trump has signed executive orders approving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.

The Obama Administration had rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline, and halted construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Both pipelines proved to be divisive, with protests and legal battles holding them both back.

In the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a massive protest camp sprung up in response to concerns about potential water contamination.

With that said, Trump promised to approve both pipelines during the campaign. Executive orders on that issue are in keeping with Trump’s approach so far, which has been to sign executive orders early on – and heavily publicize them – to demonstrate that he is fulfilling – or moving towards fulfilling – his campaign promises.

America is moving closer towards full energy independence – a situation once unthinkable at the height of the “peak oil” hysteria. Approving the pipelines will further expand the US energy sector.

Canada also stands to benefit from the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and had advocated heavily for its approval.

Trump’s executive orders continue a busy early schedule, adding to the three he signed yesterday.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter