Federal Court Rejects Bid To Stop Canada – Saudi Weapons Deal

The sale of $15 Billion worth of weapons to the brutal Saudi regime will go forward

In a disappointing decision, the Federal Court dismissed a court challenge to the $15 billion weapons deal Canada’s government inked with Saudi Arabia.

The decision effectively approves the deal, meaning Canada will be selling billions of dollars worth of weapons to the brutal Saudi regime.

The court challenge was brought by Daniel Turp, a former MP.

The federal government considers Saudi Arabia an ally, but this is an example of our politicians being tricked. Saudi Arabia funds schools that teach an extremist version of Islam called Wahhabism. They spread violent teachings that increase support for terrorism and radicalize thousands of people. Then, Saudi Arabia turns around and claims to be fighting against Islamic extremism.

It’s a big trick, but our leaders have fallen for it.

Unfortunately, the federal court can only rule on whether the government followed the law by approving the arms deal, and the law does not explicitly block weapons sales to the Saudi’s – even though it should.

With this decision, it will be up to Canadians to push back on future co-operation with Saudi Arabia. We have to call out the politicians on the hypocrisy of claiming we stand for human rights while giving weapons to a regime that has no idea what human rights mean.

Consider the case of Justin Trudeau – he somehow claims to be a feminist while supporting the sale weapons to the most anti-women country on earth.

Canada must live up to our Canadian principles. We should not be allied with a country that stands against everything we believe, and we should focus on building up our own military instead of selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter