Military Power Still Defines World Influence

Canada has to face the reality of foreign relations – Military Power is what matters

There’s a lot of talk – particularly by some elites in Canada – about so-called “soft power.”

The idea is that a country doesn’t need much of a military to be influential in the world, and that we can acheive all of our goals through co-operation.

It sounds nice.

But it’s not at all true.

“Soft power” is an idea that Canada’s elites love, because it lets them escape responsibility for depriving our military of funding for decades.

Here’s the thing: There is no world influence without military power.

Consider the South China Sea: International Courts have ruled many times against China’s territorial claims and their expansionary building of military islands.

But those rulings are just pieces of paper. Without military power behind them they mean nothing. International courts have no missiles or fleets or aircraft. So they have no power against a country willing to use military strength to pursue their interests.

So China keeps on building, and the courts keep on complaining.

As complicated as people try to make foreign relations seem, it’s often really quite simple. Those countries with more military power have more influence, and dictate to everyone else.

There’s a reason Taiwan hasn’t officially declared independence. They fear being invaded by China – who has more military strength than Taiwain.

There is a reason Ukraine hasn’t taken back Crimea – they are militarily weaker than Russia.

The facts are clear: As important as right and wrong is in our own hearts and minds, we can’t protect our principles and values unless we have military strength backing it up.

‘Soft Power’ is a myth

The elitists don’t want to face that truth. They want to keep Canada weak and vulnerable. But for those of us who want Canada to be safe and strong, we recognize that our way of life is not guaranteed, and must be protected against external threats.

Soft power may be a cute phrase, but real military strength is what decides world influence and national security.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter