Trudeau Poll Numbers Dropping

The decline continues

A new poll by forum research shows that Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers keep falling, with less than half of Canadians now approving of the PM.

Trudeau’s approval has fallen 3% since the previous Forum Research Poll, now sitting at 48%.

His unfavourable rating is 42%, giving him a net favourable rating of 6%.

Vast majority of Canadians prefer someone other than Trudeau for Prime Minister

Also of note in the Forum Poll is the fact that a combined 62% of Canadians prefer someone else other than Trudeau for Prime Minister. However, that doesn’t mean the opposition has an easy road ahead. While 38% support Trudeau as PM, “None of these” comes in second place with 22%.

Nevertheless, with almost two-thirds of Canadians supporting an alternative for PM, there is a big opening for the other parties.

Problems catching up to Trudeau

Justin Trudeau had a long honeymoon in the polls, but nobody can escape the consequences of controversy forever.

The economy remains slow and the middle class is under increasing pressure. At the same time, Trudeau has been heavily criticized at many townhalls, is being investigated for ethics issues after using the Aga Khan’s private helicopter, and has broken many campaign promises. Not to mention his disturbing obsession with serving the interests of China, and it’s no surprise more Canadians are turning against Trudeau.

The accumulation of those issues is adding up, and that’s driving Trudeau’s numbers down.

Also playing a role in Trudeau’s falling numbers is Kevin O’Leary, who is able to attract media attention and reduce Trudeau’s media monopoly.

Canadians are waking up

Trudeau talked a good game in the campaign, but the more he governs (or tries too) the more obvious it is that he doesn’t care a bit about regular working Canadians. He serves an elitist, globalist agenda that is out of touch with Canadians. And he’s getting worse at hiding it.

Expect the poll numbers to keep going down.

-Read the full Forum Poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter