Ignorant Elitist Trudeau Foolishly Suggests Carbon Tax Won’t Hurt Saskatchewan

He has zero idea what life is like for most Canadians

Justin Trudeau keeps sticking his foot in his mouth during his “townhalls,” even when he doesn’t realize it.

Today, he responded to a letter from businesses and farmers who are concerned the carbon tax will hurt Saskatchewan.

Here’s what he said:

“… as I’ve said from the very beginning, the only way to move forward on the economy in the 21st century is to make sure that we’re doing right by the environment at the same time.”

That’s a nice talking point his staff wrote for him, but it’s total BS.

The problem is that “doing right by the environment,” never seems to effect the jobs of anyone in Ottawa, or any of Trudeau’s elitist friends.

What a coincidence.

Nobody at the high-powered Liberal law firms, or the well connected Bay Street banks ever takes a financial hit from a new “environmental policy.”

It’s always Canadian workers, farmers, the resource sector, businesses, and the middle-class who get screwed by utopian government schemes.

Trudeau’s ignorance of the effect the carbon tax will have on Canadians just goes to show how out of touch he is with real Canadians.

We shouldn’t be surprised anymore by Trudeau’s dumb statements. He was born into the elite, never having to struggle financially or work his way up like the rest of us. All his friends and all his connections are the same, born into a system that made it all so easy for them.

So he neither knows, nor cares to know, what it’s like for most of us in Canada fighting to make ends meet and get some financial security.

So when he walks into a townhall promising some new policy that will win him applause in foreign capitals and elitist dinners, he could care less what damage it will do to the rest of us.

Trudeau still has a few townhalls left, and we can expect that more foolishness is on the way. His ignorance and elitism won’t change.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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darcy pringle

trudeau has to be kicked out of the prime ministers position before he totally obliterates canadas economy and employment force in canada as well as our social system by flooding it with refugees