Trump Stopping Federal Grants To Sanctuary Cities

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that could block federal grants to sanctuary cities, fulfilling another promise made during the campaign.

Many of America’s largest cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, do not enforce immigration laws. For example, they will not share info on people living in their cities who lack legal status with the federal government.

While the Obama Administration generally looked the other way with sanctuary cities, Trump is promising to revoke their federal grants – billions of dollars – if they continue to provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

That will certainly set up a political standoff which will play out in the coming years.

While Trump’s executive orders will prove divisive with many Americans, his supporters will be pleased as he seems to be going through the list of his campaign promises one by one.

He has begun the process of building a wall on the border with Mexico, approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, froze all federal hiring – except for the military – limited refugee intake and immigration from 7 majority-Muslim countries, reduced ObamaCare regulations, and has more executive orders on the way.

Trump also has cameras in place for his executive order signing – making sure the media – and the public – sees him taking action – even if it’s just signing pieces of paper.

Nobody should be surprised by this. America is deeply divided, and Trump’s approach is clearly to show his supporters that he is doing what they want – consolidating his voters before worrying about those who don’t like him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter