The Worst Fake News Comes From The Government

The state is the biggest liar of all, and has no credibility when it comes to “fake news”

Governments around the world are running around wailing about “fake news” as if it’s a problem that just started a few months ago.

It’s as if they want us to ignore the fact that government propaganda is the worst source of fake news in our world today, and the endless lies from the state continue unabated.

Think about it: How many times have governments lied about campaign promises, job growth, the economic forecast, saving taxpayers money, reducing corruption, improving services, lowering taxes, and on and on…

The majority of things said by our governments often turn out to be lies, and yet those very same liars turn around and lecture us about the threat of fake news.

It’s absurd.

We can see the real issue behind the “fake news” hysteria: It’s all about control.

Those in government seem to desire control above all else. Control of our money, control of our freedom. Even control over what we read, write, and say.

They know they can’t explicitly demand control over us, so they do it in more subtle ways. That’s what the whole “fake news” thing is all about.

Governments liked it when there were only a few credible news sources. It’s far easier to co-opt one big newspaper than it is to control a massive network of bloggers and free citizens sharing their ideas online.

Governments can feel their control over the information environment slipping away, and this is making them more and more afraid. They can’t get away with the same BS that was once covered up or buried on the back pages.

Now, individuals are refusing to hold back and are sharing their ideas freely, rather than waiting for a member of the establishment press to tell them what to think.

That’s the last thing the government wants.

This is why we have to be on our guard against government efforts to “protect” us from “fake news.”

Their “protection” is really about protecting themselves from the scrutiny of free citizens.

Governments are afraid. That’s a good thing. The state should fear the people, rather than the other way around.

The growing fear from the government and the establishment media about “fake news” is a sign that citizens are waking up to our own power and influence.

That’s something we should welcome.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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